Grade 10 Term 1

Prefixes & Standard Form
Derived Quantities & Units
Introduction to Graphs
Potential Energy
Kinetic Energy


Grade 10 Term 2



Centre of gravity and Stability 

Turning effect of force 

Moment of force 

Principle of Moments 

Tools and levers 

Hooke’s Law 

Hooke’s law applications 


Pressure in fluids 

Transmission of pressure in fluids 

The manometer 

Archimedes’ Principle 

Rays of light

Laws of reflection 

Image in a plane mirror 


Laws of refraction

Critical angle and total internal reflection

Applications of total internal reflection 


Newton’s Prisms 

Effects of lenses 

Lens Terminology 

Image Formation 


Focal length of converging lens 

Optical instruments 

The eye 

Grade 10 Term 3

Effects of temperature  


Fixed points  

Thermal expansion  

Temperature Scales  

Boyle’s Law  

Charles’ laws  

Pressure and General gas law  

Kinetic Theory  

Brownian motion  

Theories of heat  

Joule’s experiment  

Heat capacity and specific heat capacity  

Specific heat capacity equation  

Specific heat capacity experiments  

Phases of matter  

Properties of solids, liquids and gases  

Specific latent heat equation  

Specific latent heat experiment  

Thermal Conduction  

Thermal Convection

Thermal Radiation  

Absorption and emission of radiation  

Thermal energy transfer in devices.

Grade 11 Term 1

Electric Charge  

Electric fields  

Conductors and insulators  

Electric current  

Alternating Current  

Conversion of electrical energy  

Potential Difference and Power  

Electrical energy cost and conservation  

Circuit symbols and diagrams.  

Zinc –carbon cell  

Types of cells  

IV characteristics  

Electrical resistance and Ohm’s law  

Ammeters and voltmeters  

Series and parallel circuit characteristics  

Series and parallel resistors  

Fuses in circuits  

The earth wire  

Electrical wiring code  

Semiconductor diodes and rectification  

Electronic Logic Gates and Circuits  

Characteristics of a magnetic dipole  

Magnetic Materials  

Magnetic fields  

Mapping magnetic fields.  

Magnetic field of an electric current.  

Electromagnetic devices  

Motor rule  

Motors and Loudspeakers  

Induced e.m.f  

Generator Rule  

A.c. generator  


Transmission of electrical energy 

Grade 11 Term 2

Types of waves  

Wave parameters  

Wave phenomena with water waves  



Propagation of sound  

Sound wave parameters  

Electromagnetic waves  

Wave particle duality of light  

Discovery of the atom  

Properties of sub-atomic particles  

Shell models of the atom  

Structure of the atom  

Radioactivity pioneers  

Nature of radioactive emissions  

Representing nuclear reactions  

Radioactive particles in media  

Nature of Radioactive decay  


Radio isotopes: applications and handling  

Nuclear reactions and nuclear energy