This Section has the videos associated with Chemistry and the different topics involved

Grade 10 Term 1

States of Matter
Mixtures and their Separation 
Atoms and The Periodic Table
Metals and Non-Metals 
Conservation of Materials

Grade 10 Term 2

Structure and Bonding
Writing Formula 
Reaction of Acids

Grade 10 Term 3

  • Reactivity of MetalsFile 
  • Reduction of Metallic Oxides
  • Thermal decomposition of hydroxides
  •  Preparation of hydroxides

Qualitative analysis 

  • Identification of cations
  • Preparation and Identification of Gases
  • Identification of Anions

Mole Concept

  • Avogadro‚Äôs Law
  • The Limiting Reagent
  • Reacting Masses of Solids

Volumetric Analysis 

  • Standard solutions
  • Titration and titration calculations
  • Redox Titration
  • Planning and Designing experiment involving titration

Grade 11 Term 1

  • Introduction to oxidation and reduction
  • Identifying and writing redox reactions
  •  Oxidising and Reducing Agents


  • Conductors vs Non- conductors
  • Strong and Weak Electrolytes 

Energy and Energetics

Rates of Reaction

Preparation and collection of Non- Metals

Grade 11 Term 2

Organic Chemistry
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry 
  • Writing general and molecular formulae
  • Isomers File